What is this Breeding Event?

The Breeding event is simple to score points but it is an event where you tend to get all your points at the beginning then just kinda coast or beg for it to be over. Once you have spent all your breeding tokens and fragments its hard to continue to progress from there.

Here is the point breakdown for the event:

  • Every 20 Egg Tokens spent (including during Autobreed) = 1 point
  • Every time you spend 1500 Rubies for "Breed 20 Egg Tokens" = 30 points (50% point bonus)
  • Every Mystic Fragment spent = 20 points

How can I ever get the max prize?


Do not spend your breeding tokens or mystic fragments outside the breeding event!

If you are not following a breeding guide I highly recommend you do! I recommend following "Reds Best Breeding Guide" it is full of the best dragons in the game (mainly hunters) and gets you the extra eggs you need for building/researching. You can click on Reds tile below and it will take you to her breeding guide. If you aren't super fond of hunters start practicing you will need them at higher levels! Until then you can go here Click the link --> Rulith Breeding Info - From Red ... Or you can go here --> Reds Shared Folder There are a few different guides you can follow.


Follow one of Reds Breeding guides and save your breeding tokens/mystic fragments for the breeding events