Conquer the World


Treasure Hunt

    • The treasure hunt phase takes places within the first 24 hours after the event has been announced. During this period, players can attack other players’ bases and find Bronze and Silver Chests which unlock boosts, spells, and the Inner Fire spell boost (an event-exclusive spell boost).

Battle Phase

    • Once the treasure hunt phase ends, the battle phase begins immediately.
    • All teams start with 42.0k acres.
    • Updates to the map will be made about every 15 minutes and Leaderboards update every 5minutes.

How To Win

Players can win prizes 3 ways:

  1. Through My Achievements: Players can earn prizes on their own by fulfilling the requirements in My Progression. The more acres a player steals, the better the prizes.
  2. Through My Rank: Individual rank within your league is based on acres stolen
  3. Through Team Rank: Team rank within your division based on Victory Points

***Land accrues Victory Points for your team over time, so hold on to them as long as you can by defending.***

How to Conquer Land

  • Attacks to steal land requires energy, which regenerates over time.
  • Capture more land by attacking teams with more land.
    • Giant kingdoms with over 200k acres pay out 2x more.
    • Big kingdoms with over 45k acres pay out more (increase as they grow)

  • Use Mega Attacks and Super Attacks to destroy your enemies and earn a massive amount of points!
    • Mega Attacks earn you 30x the points of a normal attack.
    • Mega attacks cost 1 Mega Coin, which is bought using 100 Energy and 20 Inner Fires.
    • You can purchase missing Energy and Inner Fires in the Mega Attack Screen to obtain a Mega Coin.
    • Mega Atttacks guarantee you 50% of the points even if you lose the battle, and full points after destroying 70% or more of the base.
    • Super Attacks earn 4x the points of a normal attack.

  • Inner Fire - The Inner Fire spell boost is used in battle to gain a huge boost to the number of acres stolen (+100% each). This spell can be found in the Armory wen you unlock chests.
    • Inner Fire spells DO NOT stack with Super Attacks (attacks that cost more energy but reward more acres of land stolen) - their multiplier will appear lower when used with a super attack, but they will give the same absolute number of bonus acres whether used with a super or regular attack.
    • If your dragon equips Inner Fire and takes no damage, it will not require any time to heal after the battle.

  • To reduce the acres stolen by enemy teams, deploy defensive boosts to your base:
    • Each island boost (attack or health) reduces the number of acres an attacker can steal
    • Fully boost every island to reduce the attacker’s land grab by 20%

***The guide found here can be also found on PG's forum for events. This is a basic guide on what the event is and how to get points. Strategies for maximizing team and personal points should be determined by your team leadership.***