Team Gauntlet

Team Gauntlet Overview

Team Gauntlet Event Goal: Kill Everything! Earn Points, Get to and destroy the middle island

This event is made up of two phases:

The first phase:

This is the treasure hunting phase, in which you earn chests by attacking monuments in battle and purchasing Value Packs. Open each chest you earn to collect items and runes that will help you in the next phase of the event.

The second phase:

This is the battle phase where you battle your way across the ocean and liberate island chains from Gustav's despotic rule!

Win Prizes In 3 Ways

1. My Achievements: The more damage you deal to Gustav's and his Blackblood teammates' bases, the better the prizes.

2. My Rank: Based on the damage dealt to bases

3. Team Rank: In division based on Victory Points (VP) earned

How To Liberate An Island Chain

Each island chain has a lot of HP the team will need to attack the island PVE players to "Liberate" it and earn the team more VP

To earn more points:

Use Inner Fire spell boosts for +100% HP destruction each on basic attacks. These spells can be found in the Armory and are very useful to maximize your points, you equip them on your dragons before you fly

As your team attacks an island and kills its HP you will unlock harder islands in the chain. Always attack the hardest islands you can to earn the most VP, challenge your self, you don't need 5 flames to earn points.

** Gustav will eventually reconquer island chains. You can liberate them again to earn more points. I only recommend doing this if you have completed an the island chain, or if you can't progress any further.

PvP Islands

Occasionally an island appears that belongs to an enemy team. Your entire team should switch its focus to kill this island, not only do you earn more VP but you will steal it from that team so that you can move up faster in the team rankings. If you destroy their island HP faster than the enemy team you will steal 8% of the teams VP.