Attacking is everyone's favorite part of the game, right? So, why does it need an explanation? There is more to attacking than just farming for resources or burning someone else's base to the ground. You can use your attacks to strategically gain extra XP for your dragons. There are bases/teams that are designed and formed just for XP farming or chest farming.

Max XP Runs

Every day you will see a "x5" or "x4" or "x3" next to your dragons profile picture in your dragon roster. This is your daily multiplier. It is best to do your XP runs on your daily XP multipliers so you can get the most XP possible for your level and your dragons. Make sure you are using an XP farm, and make sure you have backup so you can get 5 flames. To get the most XP per run, it is best to use only 1 dragon in your line up at a time. Each additional dragon used will split the XP from that base. However, you can have backup if you have a teammate fly with you. Their dragon doesn't count in splitting the XP. They can be your clean up dragon and you can get Max XP on a tough base with a baby dragon.

If you don't have backup and you have to fly solo to get your XP runs, remember you don't have to clear 100% of the base. You only need 70% base completion and you will get max XP. If you can only clear 40% then that's okay! 40% will give you more XP with 1 dragon than splitting max XP with 2 dragons. Always shoot for 100% but if you can only get 40%+ that's all you really need.

Only use a 2nd dragon if its an absolute must and if you are below the 40% threshold.

How to gain XP from an XP farm

XP Farms are an amazing tool inside the game. If you have Atlas, you can use an invader base from poachers or mines to get gold and max XP for your level. However, the majority of the community doesn't have access to this yet, so we resort to using XP Farms. There are teams out there that have dedicated resources and accounts specifically for XP or chest bases. These bases are great simply because they are undefended and usually MUCH MUCH easier while also giving you max XP. Make sure you find the best base for your level and bookmark it. Check it after every time you level to make sure it still gives you max XP. Once it doesn't anymore then go find another one. You can search for "XPFarms" in the team meeting hall and you will find several teams. My favorite is XPFarmslooseX1 until you need a higher level base like the 312 (Banana, Alal, **YOOO).

***When you are doing XP runs, make sure you ask for backup from someone that can clear your XP Base. This way you can take advantage of the party bonus.***

What is a Chest Base?

A chest base is exactly what it sounds like-- a base designed to be super easy, and give you a higher drop rate of chests. Chests are found when killing monuments, boats, houses, bridges, etc. It is best to have a dragon like Ember LVL 1 in your line up when you are doing chest farming. Go slow, build lots of rage, and death gaze every monument you can.

What is a Mission Base?

Mission bases are like chest bases-- they are designed to help you with your egg token farming. Whether it's super short like MsMersy, or great for killing specific types of towers, they will make your egg token hunting so much easier.

Big thanks Mechengg of Rulith for sharing his up to date sheet with XP and Chest bases. Mech will be adding and updating this list regularly. We will do our best to make sure we keep the updated version on here for you


This sheet will help you calculate how many runs/days you need before your dragon hits a specific level. You must make a copy of this sheet to edit it and be able to start using it. Once you have made yourself a copy, start on the right side of the screen-- enter in level, research tiers completed, and select what dragon you want to level. You must enter in a starting and ending level. Then, you can move to the left side of the screen and fill out how much daily xp you gain, whether you have elite or not. Your target XP will be the number from the right side of the screen that shows how much XP your dragon needs before hitting the specified level. You can put in a specific number of days and this calculator will tell you how many runs a day you need. If you leave the days field blank, it will just tell you how many runs total you need.

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