Seven thousand feet

Let's beat diabetes together.

"Art and science working together can change the world"

Christine Wilcox-Baker

In the UK alone, over 7,000 lower limb amputations are carried out each year because of complications associated with diabetes. This outrageous statistic was the inspiration for the art exhibition, Seven thousand feet, which was first showcased at Manchester Science festival in 2018. Since then, educational resources and thought-provoking art works developed during the project have been used for other exhibitions and events including Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2019, and World Diabetes Day 2019.

Conceived by artist Christine Wilcox-Baker and diabetes specialist Dr Martin Rutter, Seven thousand feet is an art and science project which explores a creative response to the causes and outcomes of diabetes. The exhibition and related events which developed from the project are the result of a creative and scientific collaboration that aims to a send a powerful message to raise awareness about diabetes and how it can be prevented. The project continues to grow and develop.

We are really keen to get the message out there to as many people as possible. Many of the works from the exhibition are available for further use by healthcare professionals, educational institutions, art centres and more. Please contact Christine Wilcox-Baker via her website: or email for more information.

If you missed Seven thousand feet and want to learn about diabetes there is no need to worry...

Shown below are some highlights of the innovative project at Manchester Art and Science Festival 2018.