SACTA Mission Statement:

To coordinate and promote the recreational game of tennis and to provide opportunities for all to participate at a level consistent with their personal goals.

SACTA HISTORY: Organized tennis has been played in St. Andrews, at the Algonquin Hotel courts, as early as 1912, in which year silver cups for the Gentleman's and Lady's Championships were presented by Mr. R.J. Christie, Esq. and Sir Thomas Tait.

The St. Andrews Tennis Club was formed in 1975, still playing on the Algonquin courts, and has continued intermittently until today. In 1988-89, two new courts were constructed on Town land behind the Sir James Dunn Arena, and these are the ones that we play on today. The connection with the hotel (now the Fairmont Algonquin) continues, as they allow us to use their courts during tournaments. This was the case up until 2010 when the hotel courts were turned into a putting green.

In 2008 the St. Andrews Tennis Club became the St. Andrews Community Tennis Association (SACTA).

2022 Memorial Tournament & results:

Format for tournament:

Start time was at 9 am. All players play 4 sets, 4 games per set so everyone gets to serve once in each set. All serve from the east court nearest the road to avoid serving into the sun (Florida rules). No ad scoring; at deuce the next point wins the game. Players get a different partner for each set as assigned by Wilf. After 4 sets are completed, the 2 men and 2 women with the most games won will play in the finals after a draw is made for partners. The finals will be a regular 6 game set (no ad scoring again). The winner will get the Sree Trophy and the runner up the Lyman trophy.

Results and summary by Wilf:

The 23rd Memorial Tournament was completed successfully on the 13th August with 22 players participating. Last year was the first time this tournament was played in August. Previously it was played in July to coincide with the passing and memory of Sree but now that it has become the Memorial we have discovered many advantages to having this tournament in August. In August all of our seasonal members are here for the summer so we get an increase in participation. All members are invited to the barbecue, whether they are playing or not, so they get an opportunity to meet other members they won't have met otherwise.

Gill Butterfield and Robbi played the first time last year and Robbi, whom we haven't seen all summer, finally came out of hibernation to play. Garry had to wake up an hour earlier to have his latte so he could be there at 9 and that still didn't improve his game. Peter Petrusich is another new member who heard so much about this tournament that he was the first one to arrive at the court before anyone else got there. Alexander Devereaux said he was beginner but after his first ace we were all having our doubts. I told Garry that Tish would only be allowed to play with her left hand but obviously he did not relay the message so next year I will talk to Tish myself now that I know her better after our first hug yesterday. Keith convinced me that his replacement was just a mediocre player and there was nothing to worry about. Keith, your credibility has just plummetted to zero.

The biggest surprise was the co-winner of the Sree Trophy. From his performance in the weekend doubles league he was showing promise but who would have thought he could maintain that level of play! With no help from his partners, Richard, Steve, David and Tish he was able to achieve the ultimate goal of taking the Sree Trophy home. Good ole Ted, so glad that Elaine was there to share that moment with you. The trophy will be in full display in the living room of the Gables beside some of Ted's prized paintings. The Gables will be sponsoring the Memorial in 2024 folks.

The winners of the 2022 Sree Trophy is Tish Kilburn and Ted Michener and the winner of the Lyman Trophy is Debbie Martin-Robichaud and Alexander Lively. Congratulations to all the winners.

ps. No Florida rules next year Deb. Way to go Alexander and please give some lessons to Andrew, he could use it.

Photos by Mike Power are here :

2022 Sacta Memorial Tournament Photos

The 14th Annual Tennis NB Masters Tournament now complete (at SACTA)

The tournament this year was from August 5th to August 7th. Play on the 5th (usually from noon) will depend on the entry numbers. All 4 courts will be in use all day for the length of the tournament. Registration is now closed. Results and schedule of play will be posted as well as

draws and players can be seen at the Tennis NB site:

Here are pictures from our shared Google album (including professional quality images by Ed Hurley):

2022 Masters Photos by Mike Power and Ed Hurley

Schedule of play for Sunday's final matches:

Final results now posted:

The 14th Annual Tennis NB Masters Tournament finals results

The following are the final results from a beautiful but warm weekend of tennis at the Saint Andrews Masters:

30+ Men’s Singles: Adam Spray (Fredericton) def. Clinteast Mayers (Saint John) 6/4, 6/1

55+ Men’s Singles: Gary Jessome (Quispamsis) def. Don Cameron (Truro) 6/2, 6/1

70+ Men’s Singles: Paul LeClair (Fredericton) def. Peter Marshall (Halifax) 6/2, 6/4

50+ Ladies Singles: Tish Kilburn (St. Andrews) def. Rose Arsenault (Fredericton) 6/2, 6/0

35+ Men’s Doubles: Matt Buck (Rothesay) & Geoff Forgie (Rothesay) def. Drew Francis (Memramcook) & Gary Jessome (Quispamsis) 6/4, 6/3

50+ Men’s Doubles: Francis Cormier (Moncton) def. Drew Francis (Memramcook) def. Jeff Gosse (Miramichi) & Rick Vance (Saint John) walkover

60+ Men’s Doubles: Tim Hicks (Fredericton) & Gerald Goodine (Fredericton) def. Tim Gillies (Fredericton) & Calvin Sutherland (Fredericton) 6/3, 6/4

70+ Men’s Doubles: Richard Clark (St. Andrews) & Tim Gillies (Fredericton) def. David Dickinson (Woodstock) & Matthew Dickinson (Woodstock) 6/4, 6/1

45+ Ladies Doubles: Monique LeClair (Fredericton) & Rose Arsenault (Fredericton) def. Sally McAllister (St. Andrews) & Kathy Appleby (Fredericton) 6/4, 6/4

30+ Mixed Doubles: Garry Cook (St. Andrews) & Tish Kilburn (St. Andrews) def. Adam Spray (Fredericton) & Kathy Appleby (Fredericton) 6/2, 6/4

60+ Mixed Doubles: Calvin Sutherland (Fredericton) & Duska Slipp (Fredericton) def. Don Cameron (Truro) & Jennifer Auld-Cameron (Truro) 7/5, 6/7, 11/9

65+ Mixed Doubles: Peter Lyman (St. Andrews) & Gill Butterfield (St. Andrews) def. David Dickinson (Woodstock) & Brenda Dickinson (Woodstock) 6/0, 6/0

2022 Social Tennis

Please note that social tennis will begin on June 1st at 6pm for 2 hours. Membership is not required to join in. All are welcome, players will be matched on arrival. This is non-competitive, social/fun tennis and all are welcome. Come out, have fun and perhaps even join the club for the more activities offered.

2022 Membership Notice

Please note there is a new password for booking the courts this year and folks will receive password upon paying their membership dues. Your membership fees give you access to courts 3 and 4, all day, every day. Play time is from 8am to 8pm. Use the Book a Court link on the main page to book your time.

The dues are the same; $40.00 for an individual and $60.00 for a family, or $15 for a Junior membership only.

Payment can be made by etransfer email address:

When an etransfer is sent to this email it is automatically deposited into the SACTA account. No password needs to be sent.

We would prefer an etransfer to a cheque.

But cheques may also be sent to: SACTA Treasurer, P.O. Box 3908, St. Andrews E5B 3S8

SACTA Executive

2022 Weekend Doubles League

Only SACTA members can play in this league and you must bring a new can of balls the first time you play. New balls will be used every weekend and you may be asked to bring another can if the supply runs out before the end of the season.

You must inform me before "Thursday noon" if you want to play on "Saturday" and before "Friday noon" if you want to play on "Sunday".


Unlike last year, the teams will be determined on the day of play. When you arrive at the courts the first 4 players can proceed directly to the court. Toss to determine who will be your partner. Jenni or I will be there to collect balls from new players and to pass out balls for playing.


The first team to win 6 games is the winner. If there is a tie at 5-5 whoever wins the next game is the winner.

Winners from one court will play winners from another court but switch partners like before. In a 3 court scenario we will rotate teams to the right after each match.


Mike Power will be our statistician this year. He will be keeping track of all the winners and losers so please report your scores each day.

2022 Update May 10



Membership fees are $40 individual or $60 for a family (father, mother and children).

SACTA members have exclusive use of courts 3 and 4 that can be booked online. They also get reduced rates for adult lessons, junior camps and Tennis NB clinics. They can participate in club championships, mixed weekend doubles, social tennis and in the annual Memorial tournament and social. The biggest benefit is that you get to associate with others with a shared interest and love of tennis. To become a member contact:

Mary Wobma, SACTA President,

Jenni Loudwell, Secretary,


Only SACTA members can book courts 3 and 4. Non-members can use these courts providing they are not in use 15 minutes past the hour. If non- members are playing on the courts members can ask you to vacate the court.

Non-members can book courts 1 and 2 one week in advance. If you sign up a court and you are not there 15 mins past the hour you lose the court.


SACTA has 3 Tennis Professional Association (TPA) certified tennis instructors. In July they run a 2 week Junior Tennis Camp and from mid June to mid August they offer 8 weeks of Adult tennis lessons. They will also provide private lessons at $30/hr. If interested contact:

Derek Stafford, 529-3379 or

Keith Wobma, 529 4442 or

Wilfred Young Lai, 529-8266 or


Starting in June members get together for weekend doubles from 9-11pm. You have to register in advance to play on a first come first served basis. With 4 courts available we can accommodate a maximum of 16 players so the first 4, 8, 12 or 16 players are guaranteed to play. Excess players go on a waiting list in reserve for last minute cancellations.

For Saturday play you must have your name in no later than Thursday at noon and for Sunday play no later than Friday noon. Email Wilf at:


Social tennis on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 pm is open to anyone interested in playing tennis. Members, non-members, beginners and advanced players are all welcome. This is an opportunity to meet and mingle with people from the community and people sharing a love of tennis. You don’t have to register, just show up at the court to play. If you don’t have a racket, we will provide rackets.



If you are a short term visitor to St Andrews and would like to play doubles you’re welcome to join our weekend doubles group providing you sign-up beforehand. If you would prefer to play singles we have members who can accommodate you. If you are a long term visitor or summer resident you are encouraged to join SACTA .

Wilf, 529-8266 or

Mary Wobma, 529-4442 or


You can purchase tennis balls, $5 per can, or get your racket restrung for $30. If you have your own strings it is $20.

Wilf, 529-8266 or

Fantastic drone shot of the SACTA community courts taken on Aug.7, 2021 by Andrew Power.

Thanks to Ted Michener for the great cartoons.