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RSG-Brazil provides a network for students and young research among Brazil, with the mission to develop the local advancement and improvement of bioinformatics and computational biologists research field.

Upcoming Events

3rd ISCB-BR SCS: Network(ING) Announcement

The RSG-Brazil Team are pleased to officially announce and invite you to the 3rd edition of the ISCB - Brazilian Student Council Symposium, with the theme: Network(ING).

The 3rd BR-SCS: Network(ING), is a forward-thinking student conference to discuss the recent advances, existing state-of-the-art techniques, algorithms and applications of the networks theory in the broad area of bioinformatics and computational biology. Network-based research is currently a hot topic research field and a high interest of many groups around the globe. The field presents huge applications like designing new technologies for synthetic biology, personalized medicine, cancer target and cell behavior studies, comparative genomics and several others. Plus, we are look(ING) forward to build and provide network opportunities for the audience.

The symposium will be held at the city of São Pedro-SP on October 24th, preceding the 14th X-Meeting. We encourage you to submit your abstract for oral talk and poster presentation at . Through the day, we will have an amazing talk by Dr. Jan Baumbach, professor and chair of experimental bioinformatics, from the Technical University of Munich. The registrations are open and free! (

The Regional Student Group Brazil (RSG-Brazil) is afiliated to ISCB Student Council, the student organization of the International Society for Computational Biology. Our mission is promote the development of the next generation of computational biologists, through provision of scientific events, networking opportunities, soft-skills training, educational resources and career advice, while attempting to influence policy processes affecting science and education.

We are looking forward to your participation and also, to welcome you to the ISCB organized and affiliated conferences throughout the coming year ( More informations will be announced soon at our website: Stay Tuned!

Néli Fonseca

Chair of the 3rd BR-SCS:Network(ING)

Aniele Leão

Vice-chair of the 3rd BR-SCS:Network(ING)

3rd ISCB-BR SCS Chairs Announcement

The RSG-Brazil team is pleased to announce the 3rd ISCB-BR SCS chairs: Néli Fonseca (chair) and Aniele Leão (vice-chair). Néli graduated in computer science at Federal University of Ouro Preto, holds a master degree in bioinformatics from Federal University of Minas Gerais and is currently a PhD student at the Bioinformatics Graduate Program of UFMG, working with amino acid coevolution networks. Aniele Leão is a bachelor in biomedicine at Autonomous University Center of Brazil, has a master in bioinformatics from Federal University of Paraná and is currently in a PhD in Bioprocess and Biotechnology Engineering at Federal University of Parana, working with genomics and metagenomics. The event will be held in the city of São Pedro-SP on October 24th, preceding the X-Meeting. More information is coming. Stay connected.

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