Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

All healing work offered here are held within space, light, and love. These vibrations allows sight to the places of our being that are out of alignment with Divinity. The whole experience is an act of Love.

Hand Based Intuitive Healing: Within this healing modality I gently enter the subtle vibrations of your energetic body. Feeling into this current life expression history, ancestral imprints, or soul traumas as that are being held inside of your energetic systems. Through the seeing there is an ability to recognize where the core traumas are held, leading us to the possibility of their release and transformation by and into light. This is done through the consent of your SoulSelf, as well as through speaking with you.

Through the session I may include you in the visionary place of the core wound, asking for your consent to the recognition and release of these core wounds allowing the vibrational healing to be done within the energetic subconscious as well as the conscious body. You will receive what many feel as an crystal/light cleansing of your energy systems, deeper understanding of core trauma and wounds, as well as the activating energy to clear the mental conscious blocks as they are connected to energetic wounds.

Akashic Record Reading, Channeling: When we enter through the door of Akashic Record Reading what emerges is an alternative consciousness. The Akashic Records appear to me as a purple light structure, most of the time as a sort of library. They are eloquent and direct in their speech. They may or may not answer your question directly, rather lead you to the true heart of your inquiry.

“We are here as you, speaking to you, from the place in you that has been forgotten. We are here in assistance to Anayza, as well as all beings who have asked to remember the highest vibration opportunity of your conscious environment. When Anayza opens the Akashic records she opens the SoulBook of all History which is Now. When the two of you enter space, what comes conscious through her are the highlights of Now that are most prevalent for your freedom out of amnesia into your remembering of True presence. She will not have clear answers to anything that is not in service to your highest good, but the perfection of life is that You are always asking to be in alignment with your highest good, even if it is filtered through many dense vibrations. Trust yourself that which you need is always being revealed to you. Anayza is just one of the infinite doors through which you can listen.”

They also have a deep sense of pragmatism, sometimes humor, always Love.

Healing is a response to where we meet in the present moment.

Within that moment the universe meets us in an infinite number of expressions.

All of these offerings are done in person as well as distance. Please contact me for more information about the nature of these offerings, so we can feel into which modality is the best for you in this moment.


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