"You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are." ~Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now


Are You Ready For Your SoulSong Journey?

What is SoulSong?

SoulSong is special form of intuitive reading in which the group engages in a sensing journey on behalf of each participant. This generates a powerful, information and energy rich experience, both when you are the focus of the journey and when you are acting on behalf of another.

The SoulSong Journey has the specific intention to connect you with a higher expression of yourself. This is the part of you who is calling to be seen right now, and which you experience as a longing to know yourself more fully.

SoulSong is facilitated by Anayza Stewart and Alison Fornés, two skilled intuitive healers who are regarded for the authenticity, safety, love and beauty of the healing journeys they facilitate.

Reflections from previous participants:

“This gathering brought together poetry and insight, coaxing sensations and inklings into word-form. The alchemical combination of longing, receptive curiosity, and community supported me in dreaming a vision of myself for and in the world. Touching mystery reminds me, deeply, how being in a body can be a holy experience.” - S

“SoulSong opened up a gateway during a transitional time where, through the process of tuning in and representing, I received insight into layers of myself, creating an opportunity for deeper levels of self-intimacy and knowing ... I so appreciate the space to curiously explore the field and am so grateful for the safety and depth of the container that Alison and Anayza hold through that process. “ - K

Why SoulSong?

Each person who chooses SoulSong has one thing in common: to know the part of themselves their heart longs for. It is a longing that arises out of a sense of dissatisfaction, of stuckness, of wanting more. Is there more than this?

Our longings show up in a myriad of ways

  • A longing for a partner.
  • A longing for satisfying work or money.
  • Dissatisfaction with your routine.
  • A longing to know your purpose in the world.

For many, the longing they are experiencing right now reveals itself in a new light.

What can you expect from you SoulSong Journey?

To meet Yourself. To feel a missing piece returning to your heart. To receive the affirmation of a vision you had dismissed as fantasy.

Sometimes what arises is “what’s in the way.” You are shown the part of yourself who is ready to transform, the old patterns that are ready to be released. For those of you who are in this place of healing, we will help you illuminate and transform the resistance you hold. As well as revealing practices of love and care for yourself during this tender time.

SoulSong is open to all who are called. The process is accessible and nurturing. You do not need to have special experience with intuitive practices in order to participate, only the willingness to try and to trust. The process teaches you, and we hope it will inspire you to practice sensing journeys on your own!

Details for Your Journey