Words About Us

Words about Alison

"Alison sees into you. Her ability as a healer is profound, personal, and so incredibly intimate as her entire being witnesses in empathy...she uses the field and through her embodiment, seems to transcend it." -Anayza Stewart

"To say that working with Alison is paradigm shifting would be an understatement: it’s paradigm exploding! This work opens realms of connection, healing, and truth that I’ve never imagined I could access..." -Jessica Simkovic

"Incredible. Transformative. Healing. Mind-blowing. Alison has been for me a wise and intuitive guide and a powerful and loving companion as I journey into deeper and deeper knowing and loving of myself..." - Jeff Golden

"I have worked with Alison on multiple occasions to help facilitate personal and community issues. Each time her work has brought me a shifted perspective and much needed insight, as well as facilitating a change within the system towards more love, understanding, and peace..." -Kate Temple-West

"Alison's facilitation of systemic constellations have provided incredible insights. I had hit a wall in thinking about new strategies and approaches for a challenge I was facing. In the course of 30 minutes I was able to "see" patterns, issues and avenues that I would never have understood on my own." -Madeline Typadis-Snow

Words about Anayza

“Anayza Stewart is very special soul. She helped me connect with some amazing insights, and rid myself of some old thoughts and beliefs. She helped create a new path for me to believe in, with excitement and wonder. Sincere, gifted, and kind. I look forward to seeing her again for more” -Mark Quinn

"My session with Anayza was beyond powerful, magical and transformative. She held such a pure and safe space and was a Divine mirror for me to dive deep into parts of my soul that had been abandoned. I’m really grateful for our session and the impeccable work Anayza offers! She is such a blessing from the stars. " - Christian Wrigley

"Anayza is a bright star! Working with Anayza helped me understand more about my pain and paths for healing. She also pointed me towards feeling more confident in my own self. She is a wise woman who I admire and respect deeply and feel very lucky to have cross paths with. I am thankful for the time she has spent helping me find my way." -Elise Dahan

"My sacred sessions with Anayza were so dynamic and diverse, just as is her skills and personality. She has charm and character in revealing what she feels and sees and I resonated with all of what came though in a way that was constructive to where I was at and what I needed to know at the time to connect the dots of my life puzzle. She gifted me clarity and direction as to where to lay focus. Her energy reading and touch work was really powerful and I could feel the energy move, shift and lift, the lightness I felt afterwards was profound! I highly recommend Anayza as a divine channel and gifted healer." - Margarita Murphy

"I absolutely loved my session with Anayza, she is extremely gifted... I felt the support and love of my spirit guides, mother nature and ancestors. It was a reconfirmation of what my guides have been telling me, which was very reassuring and exciting for my being. Anayza holds a very strong, sincere and calming presence, and I felt comfortable in her space, allowing me to go deep into myself and fully enter my heart centre. I highly recommend anyone who feels the call to work with Anayza and let her guide you towards greater healing, expansion, insight and transformation!" -Mila Elle

The intention of Re:Source Healing is to support you on your healing journey so that you may know your true nature.

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