The Healing Call Sessions

Join us for a weekly constellation call on Zoom!

Access your inner knowing, gain meaningful insight, shed light into the unknown.

Bring your question, intention, or just your presence.

Free 30-minute Consultation!

Free 30-minute Consultation!

Re:Source Healing is here to support you on your healing journey so that you may know your true nature. During this consultation we listen to what's alive for you and tune into your field to offer insight inside of the pattern, problem, or challenge that is alive in your life

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"Thank you so much for the beautiful constellation! Your work together is uniquely wild and loving. I feel resourced by a whole-heartedness I haven't felt in a long time and a renewed sense of creative possibility for my life and work. " - MC

Private 2-on-1 Systemic Constellation Session

Private 2-on-1 Systemic Constellation Session

Affordable Intuitive Healing to Illuminate and Transform Your Difficulties.


We begin as presence in love. With openness and curiosity we receive your inquiry to deeply and thoroughly explore the root of the challenge you feel alive in your life. Tracing ancestral/ soul lineages we go through energetic history to arrive at the core wound that is blocking you from realizing your intention. The energy of light, resources, and guides offers transmutation, alignment through love.

Healing is an act of dissolving obscurities that interfere with the conscious knowing of our own divinity. We are here in love, and in the knowing of every beings innate wholeness. Everything we offer, everything we are, is in service to the remembrance of our true soul nature.

"Our Hearts Hold the Stories of Our Ancestors"

"Our Hearts Hold the Stories of Our Ancestors"

In Person Constellation Events!

1-3 Day workshops in Greenfield Massachusetts

Each workshop will have a different theme exploring topics we carry in our hearts. Greater Intimacy in our relationships, insight into our creative projects, and moving through personal challenges. Each gathering will give a person the opportunity to present a personal question. Using a group process in which everyone benefits, your inquiry is a guide that will lead us to the source of the issue so it can be seen and transformed.