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First of many recorded conversation about who we are, and the context of what we are sharing in the world.

In Love, Feb 6, 2019

Seeing the Shadows in My Intentions

I offer this as an explanation of how I discovered the shadow roots inside my intentions, in case it may be useful for your own explorations. - Alison

  1. What experiences am I creating? I frame the question in this way to acknowledge my power as the creator of my experience. I write down my intentions.
  2. Feel into your intentions. If they are completely clear and resonant, you can skip this step. But if, like me, they don't feel clear, invite the question: What do I need to see about these intentions? Feel into the response. Write down what you receive.
  3. If your intentions, like mine, are bound up with limiting beliefs, invite the question: What is being manifested through these beliefs? Write down what you receive.
  4. What is the healing movement? This question invites your Knowing to show you your wholeness. Write down what you receive!

Blessings! Let me know if you use this!

Feb 4, 2019