The Relationships with Reyes Scholarship Fund

Hi RWR Family!

This first year, our Podcast had 22 incredible guests and 400+ subscribers. Our Scholarship had 76 candidates from all over the USA with 1 lucky winner of $1300 cash and 8 more folks who were recognized for their niche efforts.

However, we have taken time re-evaluate if this is right for us. Some of you follow me on my other social media or I know you personally. We've been on a long fertility journey for the last 2 years. My husband and I sold a business. I left my Coaching business of 14 years because I was no longer passionate about it. I also left a program that I had been involved with for 23 years.

I was crowned America United Mrs after being Mrs. WA America United for 10 months. My husband decided he wanted to prioritize his goals, and he wanted to go to College. Higher Education, my profession of over a decade is filling back up as we return to what our new normal is. Many life updates, and it boils down to as of now, we are not going to have a Scholarship component until Aaron is out of College and as for the Podcast, we have decided to wait and see how our schedules are come 2022. There may be a few episodes we plan to publish, but collaborating may be delayed.

Thank you so much for trusting us with your life story. We have been so honored for you to connect with us so early on.

Jayme and Aaron Reyes


To provide a role model with a cash scholarship and recognize 8 additional people for their contributions to their school, work place, and community.


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