Congratulations to our scholarship winner and special award winners!

Ankitha kumar

2021 Relationships With Reyes Scholarship Winner!

Ankitha is an exemplary high school student from Minnesota. She has dedicated THOUSANDS of volunteer hours to educating others and giving back. The exceptional work she has done in her community is impressive and inspiring.

Glendy Alvarez

Outstanding Leader

Glendy is a Stonehill College student from Massachusetts. She is actively involved in numerous organizations in her university and outside that are working to make a difference in the lives of many. Her dedicated involvement sets her apart as an outstanding leader.

Gabriel Carter

Outstanding Achievement

Gabriel is a Princeton University student from Florida. She has dedicated hundreds of hours to many organizations and has worked hard to create/found her own foundations to drive positive change. Her successful work in creating non-profits and planning have set her apart as an outstanding achiever.

Skyler Basco

Outstanding Professional

Skyler is a high school student from New York. With over a thousand hours volunteered in the past four years, she has worked to make a difference. Her key professional achievements are in the foundation and management of the BEAM organization that works to support high school seniors as they transition to college. The work she has done sets her apart as an outstanding professional.

Cierra Richards

Outstanding Advocate

Cierra is a Liberty University senior from Washington. She has dedicated hundreds of hours of service to numerous foundations, societies, and organizations throughout the years. Her long-term commitment to many organizations that work to make a difference in the lives of the disabled, the ill, and even wildlife is moving. The time she invests in all of these organizations sets her apart as an outstanding advocate for many causes.

Kayla Karnes

Outstanding Student

Kayla is a Texas Wesleyan University student from Texas. The work she has done in her community to give back through volunteer time is moving. She is our outstanding student because of her dedicated involvement with different university programs. Her efforts in school and out really stood out.

Selena Nguyen

Outstanding Character

Selena is a high school student from Washington. Her long-term work with many organizations has set her apart. Additionally, the letter of recommendation she received from Jaime Flesher really expressed Selena's outstanding character and willingness to give back to others.

Terry Davis

Service to Country

Terry is a United States Navy/Persian Gulf War Veteran from Tennessee. His service to our country is greatly appreciated and we are happy to recognize his commitment.

Eli Mortensen

Outstanding Athlete

Eli is a high school student from Alaska. His dedication to multiple teams (hockey, basketball, and swim) and his additional commitments to school clubs and coucils set him apart as an outstanding athlete.