Our Story

Relationships with Reyes (RWR) is a Podcast where we highlight all types of relationships - ranging from dating, marriage, family, friends, faith, or the relationship with ourselves. So many layers, so many stories, and this podcast is here to broadcast all of the lessons! On Instagram, we also host live sessions, create relationship content that is relatable, and provide giveaways to our community.

We also know that a valuable relationship is the one we have with the communities we live in. Relationships drive community, it's how we all thrive. We see people who work hard to be positive role models in school, the work place, community organizations, and so forth, and we want to recognize 1 community role model with a scholarship that is fully funded from donations, as well as 8 other awards for the niches you may represent (Click AWARDS tab for more info).

Where do our donations go?

At RWR, we want to be 100% transparent in where our money comes from and where it goes. As of 4.9.21, here is where we are! Please stay tuned for updates on the home page!