When are the deadlines?

Please click the home page to see all the updated timelines for due dates.

If I win, when will I receive my scholarship and how?

A check will be sent in your name to you by the time frame indicated on the home page timeline section.

Do the other awards receive a cash scholarship?

No. Although we are awarding medallions and certificates for the other awards, you can view this under the Awards tab.

How much is the scholarship?

We are set at a minimum of $300 for 2021. Depending on donations, the $300 scholarship may increase and will be communicated otherwise. We keep an updated amount on the home page!

Is the application available in other languages?

Yes! We can provide an application and letter of recommendation in Spanish.

Can I exceed the page maximum on the application?

No. You must fit your involvement and your short answer questions within 3 pages.

Will I get notified if I do not receive the scholarship?

Yes, you will get an email letting you know you were not the recipient. However, you may also receive notification that you were an honorable mention!

How is the recipient selected?

There will be a selection committee (Check the Meet the Team tab to see their bio's) that selects the person they think fits the description of a positive role model in the community, who has also followed application instructions, and someone that has answered the short answers honestly. The selection committee will not be able to give feedback, as decisions are final. Their review period is April 2-May 2, and we will announce all winners in mid-May.

The Co-Creators, Señor or Señora Reyes do not pick the finalists to remain unbiased.

Do I need to be enrolled as a student or have graduated from High School or College?

No. We believe that you do not need to be a graduate or enrolled as a student to be a role model in your community. Although we encourage education, it is not a requirement of this scholarship. There is an award though for Outstanding Student who will receive a medallion and certificate.