The Relationships with Reyes Scholarship Fund


To provide a role model with a cash scholarship and recognize 8 additional people for their contributions to their school, work place, and community.

Timeline & ElIgibility - 2022 TBA in Fall

Eligibility: Ages 16 & up and lives in the United States of America - all residency statuses are welcomed. You must be involved in your community (school, work place, church, charity, etc.). You do not need to have a degree or a career to be eligible - please read the Awards tab as there are specific awards for those categories.


$1,300 as of 5.3.21 (Scholarship winner)

$300 as of 5.3.21 (For Awards & shipping)

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Donate to us at @ReyesScholarship on Venmo! 100% of the donations go to the scholarship.

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Our Instagram will feature our Podcast guests, relationship content such as question of the hour, quotes by YOU, scholarship news, and giveaways - including smaller cash scholarships throughout the year!


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