Ali Perkins LaTorre

Founder and Head Facilitator

About: Ali was born and raised in Maine. She was diagnosed with dyslexia in first grade, so reading and writing were always a huge struggle for her. After graduating from Merriconeag Waldorf High School, Ali attended the University of Maine at Farmington and completed a degree in Elementary Education. She taught third and eighth grade English at Cornville Regional Charter School. In 2018, Ali moved to Hillsborough, North Carolina to open Ali Perkins Dressage LLC. For the past four years, Ali has been teaching dressage to students of all levels and ages. She has also competed in Grand Prix Dressage. In the winter of 2022, She became a certified Horse Powered Reading Instructor while taking graduate courses in Special Education in literacy. Rearing2Read was created in the summer of 2022. Ali is currently working towards a M.E.D from Elon University.

Favorite Genre: Survival Fiction

Tonya LaTorre

Facility Host

About: Tonya owns and runs Rouxtano Farm. She is an avid reader, writer, and equestrian. She rides GiGi and Benson in dressage. Tonya has five children and two grandchildren!

Favorite Genre: Memoirs

Deb Halabis


About:Deb has a BSEd from The Ohio State University. She worked at Durham Academy in the Lower School for 18 years. While there, she was a teaching assistant and Pre and Lower school assistant librarian. She loves to read, knit and be outdoors.

Favorite Genre: Literary Fiction

Princess Buttercup

About: Princess Buttercup is the all-time barn favorite. She is a twenty-one-year-old POA pony. Buttercup teaches the beginner lessons at Rouxtano Farm and is loved by her girls, Kira, Jane, and Bailey.

Favorite Genre: Children's Picture Books


About: Gigi is owned and ridden by Tonya LaTorre. Gigi is an eighteen-year-old German Riding Pony. She loves hay and treats!

Favorite Genre: Romance Novels


About: Manny is owned and ridden by Jack LaTorre. He is a twenty-year-old KWPN. Manny has competed in Grand Prix dressage!

Favorite Genre: True Crime Mysteries


About: Rudy is ridden by Joe Halabis. He is a twenty-three-year-old holsteiner. He loves to gallop and go on hacks!

Favorite Genre: Historical Fiction


About: Benson is the farm clown. He is owned and ridden by Tonya. He is a sixteen-year-old KWPN. He loves to smile at anyone that passes by his stall!

Favorite Genre: Comic Books


About: Eve is a two-year-old mini donkey. She is a total sweetheart and loves to give hugs!

Favorite Genre: Poetry


About: Gaston is a five-year-old mini shetland pony. He can be grumpy at times, but truly does love Eve and his ducks.

Favorite Genre: Western Fiction

Photos by: Aidan Thurling and Tonya LaTorre