Horse Powered Reading® integrates social-emotional learning with academics; thus allowing students see and experience reading with their entire mind, body and emotions by creating metaphors for the skills involved in reading. Horse Powered Reading was created by Dr. Michelle Pickel.

Students interact with horses from the ground, while using toys and props to identify obstacles and learn five critical reading skills - phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension

During sessions, students are given the opportunity to…

IdentifyIssues affecting learning are identified and made visible by the client, through the use of obstacles (toys and props), which symbolize stumbling blocks that get in the way of understanding

ExperienceMemory retention and recall improve dramatically when movement anchors learning. Issues getting in the way of academic and social emotional growth are addressed in the moment

ConnectStudents are allowed to choose their own horse to work with, just as they would choose a book to read. Students are then given an opportunity to connect with their chosen “book”

ReflectSessions allow students a chance to reflect on what they are experiencing and provide an opportunity to create new patterns of learning in a supported environment

Photos by: Ali LaTorre