Congratulations on earning your Life Rank! Approximately 6% of all Scouts reach the rank of Eagle. To assist you in joining the 6% and not remaining with the 94% that don't complete the trail to Eagle, Pio Pico District has put together soe points of wisdom to guide you through the process:

  1. Become familiar with the Eagle Scout Application (link to most current version is below as a button)
  2. Become familiar with the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (link to most current version is below as a button)
  3. Be realistic regarding the amount of time required to complete requirements
    • Typically it takes six (6) months to one (1) year to complete the requirements for the Eagle Rank
    • Keep in mind there are many approval signatures and reviews for some requirements
    • Scheduling time with Adult Volunteers does not happen quickly. All of the Scout Adult Volunteers have professional and family commitments to manage and will do their best to schedule time for you as soon as possible. Be patient and don't wait until the last minute. Normal scheduling delays are not an excuse to miss a deadline.
  4. Be aware that some Merit Badges have considerable time frames to earn them:
    • Personal Management- Track and record income/ spending for 13 weeks
    • Personal Fitness- 12 week physical fitness program
    • Family Life- Perform home duty/ chores for 90 days
  5. Start thinking about and planning your Eagle Project the day after you earn Life Rank
  6. Get a binder and start keeping all of your Eagle Application components together
  7. Request from your Troop Advancement Chair a copy of your Council Advancement Summary Report. Review it and make sure there are no surprises. You will need another copy of this report after your Merit Badges are complete to include in your Eagle Binder.