Religious Emblems

How to earn an emblem:

1. Contact an approved counselor. If your parish or unit does not have one, please contact your County Chair.

See the calendar for dates of training or contact the committee member in your county.

2. Purchase a workbook from your local scout shop.

3. Complete the workbook requirements with an approved counselor.

4. Working with your County Chair, complete your board of review (where appropriate).

5. Order your emblem from the County Chair.

6. Attend the Archdiocesan Scout Mass to receive the award. Consider working with your pastor to present the award at the parish, to recognize the recipient and the program.

7. Notify your unit REC of your completion and request the BSA religious emblem knot or for successive emblems the appropriate device to affix to knot. Presentation should be made at unit COH or Pack Meeting.