Wiyot Land

Peninsula Union School District is on the unceded land of the Wiyot.

In Wiyot language, the Humboldt Bay is called Wigi (pronounced Wee-Gee). Our school is located on the western side of Wigi, in the sand dunes between the bay and the ocean.

Seven students, grades 4th through 8th, Principal Doolan, and Rosemary Grady, standing in front of a van infront of Peninsula Union School. On the top of the image is a photoshopped bannor, reading, "Congratulations Wiyot Tribe!" and a photoshopped yellow box is in front of the center student saying, "Peninsula Union School District."

(Above) Seven student delegates and two staff from Peninsula Union attended the ceremony returning Tuluwat Island to the Wiyot Tribe on Oct. 21st, 2019.

The Return of Tuluwat Island

Two female presenting students smiling, holding up the program from the return of Tuluwat Island Ceremony. One student wears a gray tshirt, the other wears a blue sweater and leapard print cat ears.

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In December, 2018, the Eureka City Council voted to return a portion of land to the Wiyot Tribe. To learn more about the history of Tuluwat Island and its partial return to the Wiyot people, here is one of many articles available on the topic:

The Yurok Tribe recently had land returned to them. Learn more about this momentous event by clicking the button below .

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people standing vigil over a fire

Picture credit: Nick Adams

candlelight vigil

Picture credit: Ellin Beltz

View from the sky of two river systems connecting, surounded by hillsides of redwood trees.

Photo Credit from Lost Coast Outpost Article