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Panoramic photo of three chaparones and four Peninsula 8th graders standing in front of a white fence at Temple of Heaven, Beijing China. The curved roof of temple buildings are in the distant background, a child is climbing playfully on the fense to the right of the Peninsula group, and on the right there are people assending a staircase.

Peninsula Union 8th graders had the opportunity

to travel in China for Spring Break, 2019.

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Four studeents and three adult chaparones sitting at a tea counter in Shanghai where a woman is serving tea using a clay teapot.
A photo of Linda Stewart's smiling face, wearing a pink sweater and turttle neck with colorful student art, out of focus, in the background.

Congratulations Linda Stewart, who is among Humboldt County's 2019 Teachers of the Year!

Check out this video about Humboldt's Small Schools, featuring Peninsula Union.

The words "Humboldt County Small Schools" in front of a rural landscape of rolling hills with the ocean in the background.

Small schools are a special place, where all staff members have our individuals roles, but we are all beholden to the bigger picture of serving students. We have the opportunity to know each and every student as a whole person, and serve their educational needs from that place of personal understanding.

Peninsula Union is a place where dreams come true.

Video footage from the

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

for our 44 foot in diameter walking mindfulness Labyrinth.

It was a great party!