Board of Trustees

Peninsula Union School District Board of Trustees:

Dale Unea Term ends: 2022

John Nicolini Term ends: 2022

Robin Marks Term ends: 2020

2020.09.28 - Agenda - Extra
9/8/2020 Board Agenda
8/11/2020 Board Agenda
EMRG 6/12/2020 Board Agenda
6/6/2020 Board Agenda
5/12/2020 Board Agenda
3/10/2020 Board Agenda
Feb 2020 Board Meeting
JAN 2020 Board Agenda
DEC 2019 Board Agenda
PUSD Bd Mtg Agenda Oct 8, 2019
PUSD Bd Agenda Sept 10, 2019
Bd Mtg Agenda Aug 13 2019
2nd Board Meeting June 11, 2019.doc
1st Board Meeting Agenda June 10. 2019.doc
Board Meeting Agenda May 14, 2019.doc
Board Meeting April 9, 2019.doc
Board Meeting March 12, 2019
5987-Board Meeting Feb 12, 2019-converted.pdf
5987-Board Meeting agenda Jan 2019-converted.pdf
5987-Board Meeting Agenda Dec 2018-converted.pdf
5987-Board Meeting Agenda Oct 9, 2018-converted.pdf
5987-Board Meeting Agenda Sept 12,2018-converted.pdf
5987-Board Meeting Agenda August 28, 2018-converted.pdf

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Feb 2020 Board Meeting