On Saturday, November 4th, 2023, the official launch of the National Service Park took place at the Plainview, MN High School (500 W. Broadway).
The event consisted of speakers from branches of the U.S. Military as well as the Director of the U.S. Peace Corps and an official from Americorps.
In addition to speakers, the launch event also included food, music and information booths with materials about the National Service Park, its contributors, and other local resources and activities located in proximity to the park.  See Events/News for more information about the event.

Peace Corps Legacy Plaza

A Place to Recognize Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and their Legacy of National Service

The goal of the Peace Corps Plaza, as an integral part of a national service park, is to educate and inspire the public, especially youth, on the Peace Corps' unique contributions to the ideals and rewards of national service, and to keep alive the spirit of volunteerism which has been a hallmark of American life and culture.

All Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, wherever they served, and wherever they call home, are invited to share in the creation of the PEACE CORPS LEGACY PLAZA and to have their names among those honored for their commitment to national service.

The Peace Corps Legacy Plaza is being developed by The Peace Corps Legacy Association, a Minnesota 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  It is located in a 3.5-acre National Service Park in Plainview, Minnesota with existing historical markers recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps, and the original home of four 1962 - 1964 pioneer Peace Corps Volunteers.  Since then, a dozen Peace Corps Volunteers have served from this small town during Peace Corps first 50 years.  The next phase is to erect a Peace Corps Plaza in the national service park with the names and location of all RPC Volunteers who have served.

"Passing on character from one generation to the next is the greatest gift one can give"

Winston Churchill       

You can Honor your Peace Corps Legacy and help establish the Peace Corps Plaza with a donation to the Peace Corps Legacy Association.  RPCV donors at prescribed levels will be recognized by a natural clay brick installed in the Plaza and engraved with their name, city and state, and host country(s) with their years of service.  

Donations of $275 will be recognized with an 8x8 brick with space for 6 lines of text.  A donation of $175 will be recognized with a 4x8 brick with space for 3 lines. All lines are a maximum of 20 characters.