Peace Corps Plaza

A Place to Recognize Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and their Legacy of National Service

The Peace Corps Legacy Association's Peace Corps Plaza, is part of a National Service Park (NSP), to honor, inspire, and elevate national service. The Peace Corps' contributions to the ideals and rewards of national service are integral to volunteerism, a hallmark of American life and culture.

 Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, wherever they served and call home, are invited to share in the creation of the PEACE CORPS PLAZA and to have their names among those honored for their commitment to national service.

"Passing on character from one generation to the next is the greatest gift one can give."

Winston Churchill     

The Peace Corps Plaza, a significant cornerstone in a 3.5-acre National Service Park near Rochester, MN, will celebrate and honor the Peace Corps as a partner with other national volunteer service organizations such as AmeriCorps, National Guard, and branches of the US Military.  

The Peace Corps Plaza is unique 

in that it will recognize the service of individual Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Affiliate organizations, and other significant Peace Corps contributors with donated bricks in the Peace Corps Plaza. 

A goal of the Plaza is to integrate technology to allow visitors to interact with park features.

Honor your Peace Corps Legacy and establish the Peace Corps Plaza by donating to the Peace Corps Legacy Association.  RPCV donors will be recognized by a natural clay brick installed in the Plaza and engraved with their name, city, and state, and host country(s) with their years of service.  

To date, RPCVs from 45 states and 87 countries of service have donated for bricks, with those numbers growing.

Donations of $275 will be recognized with an 8x8 brick with space for 6 lines of text.  A donation of $175 will be recognized with a 4x8 brick with space for 3 lines. All lines are a maximum of 20 characters. 

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