Own Your Life Shopping Annuity

What is the Own your life shopping (oyls) Annuity and how do you invest in one?

If you spend money to live, you should have an Own Your Life Shopping Annuity. As opposed to paying discretionary income every month for a traditional annuity, an Own Your Life Shopping Annuity is money you already spend that’s converted into an earning.

According to some statistics,

the average North American Family makes approximately $80,728 every year

However, it turns out that the average family spends approximately $79,098

That doesn’t leave a lot at the end of the year if you want to do some investing in your future. However, what if instead of looking for extra money to start investing, you can take that already spent money, in this case, $79,098, and use THAT as an investment since your already spending it regardless.

Traditional annuity:

A traditional annuity is something you make a series of lump sum payments possibly every month and, in return, you can eventually get a steady stream of income paid out to you, and you can possibly retire on it.

Own Your Life Shopping Annuity:

An Own Your Life Shopping Annuity, on the other hand, is money you normally spend every month that you redirect it through a proprietary tracking system. You buy some of the same things you are spending money on to live regardless, but now you are building an annuity that can pay you for the rest of your life.

How does it work?

The Own Your Life Shopping Annuity was designed by visionary Dr. N.L. Chism, using a proprietary tracking system.

How do you start an Own Your Life Shopping Annuity?

You can create a free customer account, and start earning cashback and build a residual willable income.