How to Aquire Part 2

How To Acquire a Customer/Distributor #2

4 Questions:

1. Do you know anyone who eats a meal at least once or twice a day at least occasionally?

2. How do you eat? At a restaurant or home cooked meals?

3. What are some of your favorite meals or restaurants?

4. Has _______________ ever sent you a check for eating or referring their food?

Let me introduce you to the meal that pays!

My business partners positioned themselves to get paid every time people eat! How often do you think people eat per day? That's how often I'm talking about getting paid! Many of my business partners are living lifestyles most people dream about. They're having fun and they know what it takes to be successful in this business. They are helping a lot of people around the world including me.

Image where we could be now if we would have invested in Starbucks . . .

Based on what I said: would you like to know more about the product or the business?


Set up a time to call them back to do a 3-way call with your business partner.

- or -

Give them the website

- or -

Invite to a mixer.


Give them 2 samples - follow-up!

- or -

Invite to a mixer.