How To Close A Prospect


After the have seen a presentation turn to your prospect and ask:

1. Do you see an opportunity for yourself?

If they say "NO" don't proceed to question #2 instead. Thank them for coming out, sell them your chosen product at retail and ask for referrals. Get their email ask "Could I keep you updated and informed? Since, timing could change things if you change your mind since I exposed you first would you mind contacting me and doing business with me should that happen." Do not proceed to question #2 amateurs convince, professionals sort.

If they say "YES" proceed to next question #2

2. What position do you see yourself getting started?

If money is an issue it's important that they get started.

3. When do you see yourself getting started?

If they say "NOW" start filling out the paper work.

If they say anything other then "now" or "their next pay day" feel free to share my story:

"My mentor asked me how long have I been working? I said over 17 years. He said you been working over 17 years and you don't have $200. He said if you keep doing over the next 17 years what you've done over the last 17 years you probably won't have it then either. It was a wake-up call. I know then I had to beat peter and paul over the head and find the money some how so something would change."

Have them:

fill-out the paper work

put the "getting started date" on top

see themselves in already, do what's necessary to win

buy their product

and start pre-selling (use money to get started!)

The point of this is to have them moving towards their dreams.

It's not where you start it's that you start!