Symposium 9

Islands and insular systems

Islands and insular systems

Symposium organizers: Frédéric Médail and Panagiotis Trigas


1) Médail F. & Trigas P.: Introduction: Importance of Mediterranean islands for biogeography and conservation of plants.

2) Panitsa M., Kougioumoutzis K., Kagiampaki A., Triantis K. A. & Trigas P.: Plant diversity patterns in the Aegean Islands: history, climate or isolation?

3) Nikolić T.: The eastern Adriatic islands – state and perspectives.

4) Pasta S., La Rosa A., Pavon D. & Médail F.: Tentamen Florae Aeolicae: An up-to-date check-list of the vascular plants reported for the Aeolian Archipelago (Italy, Sicily).

5) Cambria S., Brullo S., Bogdanovic S. & Giusso del Galdo G.: Taxonomy and vicariance within the endemic species of Solenopsis (Campanulaceae) in the Mediterranean islands.

6) Kougioumoutzis K., Kokkoris G., Panitsa M., Strid A., Trigas P. & Dimopoulos P.: Climate change in a Mediterranean island biodiversity hotspot and its impact on the endemic Cretan flora.