Symposium 11

Plant Conservation

Plant Conservation

Symposium organizers: Magda Bou Dagher-Kharrat & Theophanis Constantinidis


1. Errol Vela: Assessing the conservation status of Monocots in the Mediterranean region: reflections from a recent IUCN Red List evaluation

2. Theophanis Constantinidis and co-workers: Taxonomic plant diversity and conservation needs in Greece.

3. Richard Lansdown: Conservation of freshwater plants in the Mediterranean.

4. Magda Bou Dagher Kharrat, Anthony Roukoz, , Frédéric Depalle, Nour Abdel Samad, Rana Jardak, Rhea Kahale, Carole Saliba, Ramy Sakr: Conservation of endemic Oncocyclus Iris of the eastern Mediterranean Region.