Poster session

Poster session organizers: Pepy Bareka & Gianniantonio Domina

We are glad to inform authors of abstracts accepted for poster presentation, that XVI OPTIMA Meeting will introduce e-posters.

E-poster is the electronic version (one .ppt slide) of the traditional, printed poster, except that it is viewable on screen. The entire process of creating, submitting, managing and presenting e-poster will be done electronically, without the need to print it out, transport it and then display it, avoiding the economic and environmental costs of printing conventional posters.

E-posters will be presented on special monitors at the conference venue.

You are kindly requested to send us the e-poster by e-mail ( at your earliest convenience and no later than the 15 th of September.

All e-posters should be submitted following the guidelines:

  • The e-poster should bear the same title, authors, order of authors and their affiliations, as the abstract submitted.
  • File Type: .ppt or .pptx
  • Page Setup: Custom Size: width 90cm X height 50cm
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • The presentation should consist of only one (1) slide (ppt/pptx)
  • Images in the file should be .jpg or .png format at 72 dpi resolution
  • Font size: > 14 pt
  • Choose Arial or a font that can be read clearly at a distance. Put light-colored fonts on dark backgrounds and dark fonts on light-colored background so that viewers can see the text clearly.
  • One can use the colours, font and background that one prefers. Please take caution: one must use a visible colour combination
  • Remember, overcrowding a poster slide makes it difficult to read. Help your readers by providing clear labels or headings for each section of your presentation.
  • ┬ĚPlease do not forget to group everything in your slide.
  • E-posters will be displayed on monitors with full HD resolution (1920X1080) pixels and a widescreen ratio 16:9.