RAAM 2017

RAAM 2017 I had the opportunity to coach three racers participating in the race, Joe Frank from San Diego California, Andres Rodriguez from Mexico and Srinivas Gokulnath from India.

Joe Frank: I've been working with Joe for over two years and we've been building up for RAAM since 2015, last year 2016 he participated in RAW where he place 3rd place and I was his crew chief.

This year we felt it was he was ready for RAAM and jumped on the preparation to participate in the race, I was also his crew-chief for his crossing which he completed in the 11 days 21 hours. We continue preparations for another go at RAAM in the coming years.

Andres Rodrigues from Mexico: Andres came to RAAM also as a rookie and I had been working with him for a year preparing for the race, he had a courageous showing making it all the way to TS 53 before running out time and having to DNF, he'll be back in the future with more experience and miles under his belt to complete RAAM.

Srinivas Gokulnath: Srini completed RAAM in 11days 18 hours to become the first Indian to complete RAAM solo, we've been training and working together for a year in preparations for RAAM, he had a 4 weeks long training camp with me in Seattle WA before the race and came went into the race prepared and ready to take on the challenge that is RAAM along with the great crew he assemble under the tutelage of Chris O'keefe he had a successful crossing we are all proud of.