RAW 2016

RAW 2016

RACE ACROSS THE WEST 3RD PLACE FINISH JOE FRANK July 11, 2016 Bike, Bike tours, Cycling No Comments

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Joe Frank 3rd place official finisher race across the west #RAW#raceacrossamerica@raceacrossamerica . What a battle!. Great athlete to work with, very dedicated and passionate for cycling has come a long way since I took over his coaching and preparation for this year’s RAW , to finish third place I’m very proud and happy for him and it gave me great satisfaction to see him mature and improve day after day in training and finally to put it all together during the race, it’s been my honor to coach him and to share my knowledge with him. I’m as impressed with the great team we assemble for the race and how everyone bought into the idea and committed to the system from start to finish with Tommy @magooser working hard and doing his best x10 to help the team, Perry bringing in a lot of energy and intensity to the team, katie doing whatever was necessary and pulling all nighters behind the wheel to bring us to the finish line in Durango safe and fast, and me keeping Joe Frank and the team moving and healthy all race long