RAAM 2015

RAAM 2015

well, now that I’m back in the civilized world a few words about my DNF in RAAM 2015.the race started and was fast and hot and I was carrying a lot of emotions after being away of competition for Four years, the last race of any type I had done was RAAM in 2011.I knew the preparation that was needed to be competitive in this event.Even though a lot of competition prior to it is not exactly necessary a 4 year hiatus proved to be too much for me to compete at any level of thesport.I was confident in my mental abilities to handle the race but one needs both to be mentally and physically ready and I wasn’t I was not very strong and ended up loosing all my strength pretty quick after the start of the race.

I kept trying throughout the day and night to keep pace and waiting for a recovery period but this never happened, I made it that far in the race because of the guys I had on the crew kept doing things to keep me moving such as handing me water during the leapfrog zone and even during the night to keep my body cool, but not enough.

after slowing down a lot coming into Salome, we decided to take a stop there and see if a short nap would make me feel better , I doubted it because I was not sleepy but we did try it. After being down for a while I don’t know exatcly how much time maybe 40 min. I was put back on the bike and rode a couple of miles before stopping again realizing that my strengths were gone and couldn’t continue.But they put me down for a longer break for a bout 1:30 min and see that would make a difference.

after waking up we change clothes and got back on the road again to try one more time but even after stoping for that long I stil felt very week and unable to tranfer much power to the pedals, it was here that we called headquarters to tell them about my DNF from the race.

I will be back to RAAM but I only when the condition are right for me to be able to train and get to the race in good condition.

ever since my DNF two of the main RAAM animators have gone out the back also, Gerhard Gulewicz due to a very unfortunate and fucked up accident when he got hit from behind by a motorcycle, and Christoph Strasser with medical complications. I wish the best to all the riders left in the race , to be safe and to have a fast race and to keep on pushing those pedals the finish is getting closer. last but not least we have an american in the mix to win the race in the form ofDave Haase who is running a strong race and have the experience to be up there and bring the trophy back to the USA, go USA. Thank you all for your support ,sorry for the let down and know I’ll be back stronger for Race Across America. Alberto Blanco