If you have a dream cycling trip you wish to achieve but seems to overwhelming with logistics, mapping routes, scheduling rest stops, and finding the best roads to ride on I can handle all of the logistics for you and create a private tour taylor made to your liking.

  • I can plan your dream trip ,handle all the logistics and choose the safest route and best roads for your adventure.
  • I create a personalized training plan for each rider to be in the best possible riding condition comes the start of your trip.
  • I Map the entire route and provide navigation.
  • I ride with you every mile of the way and help you set the ideal riding speed depending on the length of your tour with the goal of you getting stronger as the tour progresses.
  • I help you decide on daily mileage depending on your individual and overall fitness and abilities.
  • Take care of bike repairs cleaning and tune ups during each ride I guide.
  • Take care of injuries on the team such as saddle sore, swollen feet, dehydration.
  • I will keep you and your team motivated and safe during your trip.
  • Every one will be a better cyclist at the end of the your trip with me.

Weeklong Private Trips.

Weekend Trips 2-3 Days.

Transcontinental Trips lasting longer than 1000 miles.

Contact me at 305-297-9403 or