Baseball / Softball

Program Description

The NPAA offers baseball and softball to students in grades 3K - 8th grade. The number of teams offered at each level depends on the number of registrations we receive. Each year it looks a little different, but we are committed to offering every athlete an opportunity to play baseball and softball during the summer season. The league focuses on developing the fundamentals necessary to succeed in both baseball and softball.  Please click on the LEAGUES sub-page for more information specific to each league. 

Registration Start Date: February 1 - March 11th

Below is a view of what a "typical season" may look like. This summer may or may not be "typical" depending on societal changes in the months of April, May, June & July. 

Season Schedule

Practices for all leagues will begin near the middle or end of May depending on the weather and field conditions. The T-Ball and Coach-Pitch teams will practice one night a week and play a game on one other night. The 3rd-4th grade Baseball and Softball teams will operate through the CYRL Mukwonago league have games two nights a week with an optional practice in between. We partner with Mukwonago Park and Rec for 5th-6th and 7th-8th grade baseball and softball and play in the Quad County League. The league games will start the first part of June and end the last week in July or the first week in August. The younger teams will play between 6-8 games while the older teams are usually scheduled for around 12-16 games. 

What fields are used?

The T-Ball and Coach Pitch leagues travel between North Prairie, Palmyra, and Eagle. The 3rd-4th grade leagues will play against Mukwonago and Vernon. The 5th-6th and 7th-8th baseball/softball play against teams in the Quad County League. These communities are located to the south of North Prairie. Home games in North Prairie are played at either the Broadlands Complex, Veteran's Park, or Prairie Village Park. Take a look at the Playing Fields page for maps to the various fields.


The NPAA will provide each athlete with a Jersey and a Hat (if needed). Helmets, catchers gear, baseballs, tees, and other team equipment will also be provided by the NPAA. Athletes in the T-Ball and Coach-Pitch leagues should bring a glove and athletic shoes (cleats optional) to each practice and game. They are not required to purchase or wear baseball / softball pants. Athletes participating in Kid-Pitch leagues (grades 3rd and up) are required to purchase a pair of Gray Baseball / Softball pants and wear these for each game. A black or red baseball / softball belt, red athletic socks, and baseball / softball cleats are also recommended. 

How do I request my child be placed with a friend or certain coach?

We can only guarantee one friend request which must be reciprocal. Due to a large volume of players and the need to keep each team competitive, we cannot keep groups of kids together. We will do our best to make sure everyone is placed on a team where they can grow as an athlete and a teammate. Friend requests are listed as part of our registration form.