NPAA Board Members

About the NPAA Board

The North Prairie Athletic Association (NPAA) is run by an all-volunteer board. Members of the board meet roughly 10 times a year to discuss the league, finances, registrations, equipment, sponsorship, fields, and more.

It is a fun group of energetic parents and community members who are dedicated to growing youth sports. One of the many perks of being a member of the NPAA Board is that your athletes registration fees are waived during your time on the board! The NPAA could not run or operate without the input and organization from dedicated board members. We are always looking for more board members to help provide areas of expertise and guidance. If you are interested in becoming a board member or know someone who would be a good fit, please contact any member of the board to let them know. Feel free to join us at our upcoming November meeting to discuss the future of the NPAA.

NPAA Sports Director Contact

Sports Director: Matt DeMarais

Baseball & Soccer Coordinator


NPAA Board

President: Shawn Budiac


Treasurer: Angie Schultz


Community Coordinator: Dave Hoffman


Board Member: Amy Alles


Board Member: Rachel Hewett


Additional Board Members:


Board Members: The roles and responsibilities of board members include attending meetings, helping plan and coordinate community events, offering insight to any and all aspects of the NPAA, and sharing expertise in various areas. Input and coordination is welcome in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Event Planning, Sponsorship Coordination, and more. Please contact a member of the NPAA board if you wish to join. We'd love to have you!

NPAA Past Board Members

To the best of our memory, special thanks to previous board members for their time devoted to NPAA Athletics!

Frank Miles - Eric Huebner - Joette Richards - Joe Moravich - Kyle Kulow - Jake Sweed - Eric Sacharski - Amanda Sponholz - Jenny Gehl - Frank Rewasiewicz - Ben Weinkauff - Joe Smith - Janelle Stano Smith