Senzo Nishikawa X


Senzo Nishikawa X, current headmaster of the Nishikawa School, is active in teaching, performing and promoting Nihon Buyo in Japan. Senzo Nishikawa has been dedicated to the school and to the Japanese traditional arts and culture for over 65 years. Senzo’s efforts have brought high honors to the school, to his students, and to Nihon Buyo. In 1999, Senzo Nishikawa X was designated with the prestigious honor of National Living Treasure of Japan. This award is presented to men and women in the fields of Japanese traditional arts and crafts for teaching, performing, and promoting Nihon Buyo throughout Japan as well as in Europe, China, and Russia.

Senzo Nishikawa X and his future successor, Minosuke Nishikawa V, work very hard to promote Nihon Buyo in it's authenticity throughout the world.