Senkin-oh Nishikawa

In MINOSUKE NISHIKAWA V’s absence, Daikeiko (lessons) are taught by SENKIN-OH 扇均桜 NISHIKAWA. Senkin-oh was born in Tule Lake, CA Relocation Camp to Masao and Faye Hiura. After World War II ended, the family moved to Yamaguchi-Ken, Japan in 1945.

SENKIN-OH started classical dance training in Japan at age three.

In 1965, SENKIN-OH reached a professional status and was given the name ‘SANJO KAN-OH’ from Sanjo Kanya V, the grandmaster of Sanjo School of Classical Dance. She taught and performed with the Grandmaster locally and in Los Angeles, Central California, and San Francisco until the Grandmaster’s sudden passing in 1989.

In 1994, she began studying with NISHIKAWA MINOSUKE V of Tokyo, Japan. She attained a professional status, or NATORI, in 1996 and was bestowed the name of ‘NISHIKAWA SENKIN-OH’ from the Nishikawa Ryu SOKE, the Grandmaster NISHIKAWA SENZO X who was designated as a “Living National Treasure” in 1999 by the Japanese government.

In 1999, SENKIN-OH earned the SHIHAN status – an advanced level teaching credential. She continues to teach and perform locally in Sacramento and in San Francisco. In 2004, NISHIKAWA MINOSUKE V designated SENKIN-OH as his substitute in his absence. SENKIN-OH travels to San Francisco regularly to teach his California students. In 2003 and 2006, SENKIN-OH accompanied two of her students from Sacramento for their professional status examination in Tokyo, Japan. They were both successful in their endeavor with special recognition from the Grandmaster and were granted the names EMARI-OH and SEN-OHMI. In 2016, EMARI-OH took the advanced teaching examination in Tokyo, Japan.