Minosuke Nishikawa V

Future Successor

Senzo Nishikawa X’s son, future successor, and head instructor in the United States of America, Minosuke Nishikawa V, has spent much energy to introduce Japanese traditional culture to the international audience. With support from Senzo Nishikawa X, Minosuke Nishikawa formed the California Chapter of the Nishikawa School in January of 2001 to introduce and promote authentic Nihon Buyo in the United States.

Minosuke Nishikawa V began dancing at the age of three. Minosuke Nishikawa V spent two years studying contemporary dance at the Laban Center in London. Minosuke Nishikawa V has been active in organizing numerous workshops and dance lessons in Japan to English-speakers and travels to San Francisco with assistant instructor Shinnosuke Nishikawa to teach Nihon Buyo three times a year.

Minosuke Nishikawa V was awarded by the Bunka Cho, Monbu Kagaku Daijin Sho - Buyo (Cultural Affairs Department of the Japanese Government - in the category of Japanese Dance) the title GEIJITSU SENSHO (winner in the category of Fine Arts) for the period covering April 2017 to March 2018. This prestigious award is given to only one person in each of the Cultural categories each year.

He was awarded GEIJITSU SENSHO for his sugureta sakuhin (superior performance) of CHONGARE IKKYU in November 2017.

To date, there are five practicing NATORI and three NATORI who are SHIHAN in Northern California .