Emari-oh Nishikawa

EMARI-OH 絵毬桜 NISHIKAWA began dancing with Senkin-oh when she was 9 years old. Emari-oh loved wearing kimono and dancing at the Sacramento Betsuin Obon festival when she was younger.

EMARI-OH enjoys learning and performing classical dances the best as she finds them incredibly challenging. EMARI-OH enjoys performing dances as either a male or female part.

Her favorite dance to watch is Fuji Musume. Fuji Musume features a stage set with a large wisteria tree and many dangling wisteria blossoms. The young maiden moves among set and blossoms making many quick costume changes! Such a splendid sight made even better with live music!

In 2003, under the guidance of SENKIN-OH, EMARI-OH successfully passed the NATORI in 2003 with special recognition from headmaster, SENZO NISHIKAWA X.

EMARI-OH continues with her studies and successfully passed the SHIHAN examination in 2016. She teaches students who wish to learn NIHON out of her home in San Jose and

EMARI-OH serves as FUKUSHIBUCHO or Vice President with the California Chapter.