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I’m currently in charge of the Master in Economics and Psychology, a joint initiative of University Paris 1 and University Paris Descartes also supported by the Paris School of Economics : information for (and about) current, future and former students can be found here.

Students supervision

(some practical advices and resources I’ve collected for students who want to do academic research in economics are available here).

Current Ph.D students:

Former Ph.D students:

      • Antoine Malezieux (2013-2017), currently Ass. Pr. at Burgundy Shcool of Business, Dijon (LESSAC).

      • Léa Bousquet (2011-2016), currently Economist at ECOPA.

      • Manon Garouste (2011-2015), currently Ass. Pr (MCF) at Université de Lille (LEM).

      • Adam Zylbersztejn (2009-2013), currently Ass. Pr (MCF) at Université de Lyon (GATE).

Master thesis: 2019–Mélis Alp, Jonathan Colak, Iris Laugier; 2018–José Bijholt, Ioana Branga-Peicu, Sofiia Mun, Romain Pfau; 2017–Anna Greenburgh, Charlotte Sze Nga; 2016–Justine Jouxtel, Olivier Savrimoutoo; 2015–Pierre Foulquié, Thomas Garcia, Guillaume Royer, Mariko Shimizu; 2014–Jonas Benhaiem, Solène Delecourt, Caroline Jeangeorges; 2013–Antoine Hémon; 2011–Pierre Blavier; 2010–Guillaume Ferrero, Joyce Sultan; 2009–Lisa Chever, Constantine Yannelis, Adam Zylberstein; 2007–Maria likidi, Juliette Ponceau.