I’m currently in charge of the Master in Economics and Psychology, a joint initiative of University Paris 1 and University Paris Descartes : information for, and about, current, future and former students can be found here.

(herein you will find links to teaching material from courses I either thought over the years or am currently teaching )

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Students supervision

(some practical advices and resources I’ve collected for students who want to do academic research in economics are available here).

Ph.D students: Sofiia Mun (2018--…); Max Lobeck (2017-…); Justine Jouxtel (2016-…); Antoine Hémon (2014-…); Antoine Malezieux (2013-2017); Léa Bousquet (2011-2016); Manon Garouste (2011-2015); Adam Zylbersztejn (2009-2013).

Master thesis: 2018–José Bijholt, Ioana Branga-Peicu, Sofiia Mun, Romain Pfau; 2017–Anna Greenburgh, Charlotte Sze Nga; 2016–Justine Jouxtel, Olivier Savrimoutoo; 2015–Pierre Foulquié, Thomas Garcia, Guillaume Royer, Mariko Shimizu; 2014–Jonas Benhaiem, Solène Delecourt, Caroline Jeangeorges; 2013–Antoine Hémon; 2011–Pierre Blavier; 2010–Guillaume Ferrero, Joyce Sultan; 2009–Lisa Chever, Constantine Yannelis, Adam Zylberstein; 2007–Maria likidi, Juliette Ponceau.