Who We Are

History of Our Congregation

Our congregation had its beginning in the home of Ord and Emma Hubbell in 1931. Those first to gather were the Hubbell family and a few other families. In January of 1933, they held their first meeting in the Sunnycrest Hall outside of Newberg. The congregation moved into town in 1940 and gathered at the Odd Fellows Hall on South Howard. Two years later, the congregation purchased and remodeled a house at 305 S. Howard and worshiped there for 7 years. In 1949, the church made the move to what is presently the Thrift Shop on 3rd and Howard streets. Our current gathering place is where we have been since 1967, a building that the members primarily built themselves.

As a non-denominational congregation, we have our roots in the American Restoration Movement. Our congregation strives to let the Bible and Holy Spirit guide us in our desire to follow Jesus. We are an autonomous congregation led by a plurality of elders. It is our belief we are to take Communion, or Lord’s Supper, each Sunday and our tradition is to participate in acapella worship. We follow the biblical example and teaching of believer’s baptism when a person makes the decision to become united to, and a follower of, Christ.