Youth Ministry

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Kyle Williams |


All students grades 6-12 meet each week for Bible classes at 11:00 AM. Topics rotate, call for current information.


We gather from 6:30 PM until 8:00 every Wednesday. All are welcome to join!

Other Major Events

Throughout the year we have many other events that we do as a Youth Group. Some of these would include a Fall Camping Trip, Halloween Clue Party, Christmas Party, Service Auction, and much more!

Camp Yamhill

Camp Yamhill is a major part of our Youth Ministry at the Newberg church of Christ. Our teens (grades 6th-12th) participate in numerous events during the year. Check out Camp Yamhill's website for additional information.

Summer Mission Trip

Every year in the late Summer our High School teens join other local youth groups and take off! We partner with a local Church and serve the community, where God calls us to serve. It is a wonderful and challenging experience!

Youth Group Covenant

  • We commit to make this youth group a community where people feel loved and respected. Our actions will create a welcoming environment so that we all can grow in Jesus together.

  • We commit to treat ourselves and others the way we would like to be treated.

  • We commit to be present with others while we are here and participate in all planned activities. We will listen when people speak and put away other distractions.

  • We commit to use words that build people up, rather than tear people down. This includes words that are hurtful to self or others, rude jokes, or inappropriate language.

  • We commit to be good stewards of this space given to us, and will treat this area with care and pick up after ourselves.

  • We commit to learn how to love our neighbors and grow as followers of Jesus.

  • We commit to practice this covenant with others outside of youth group.