Wednesday services

  • 6:00-6:30 PM Breaking Bread meal (Sept. to May)
  • 6:30-7:30 PM Youth Group
  • 6:45 PM Bible Class (Fall Quarter 2018)
    • Age 2 to K - Walking in Genesis
    • 1st & 2nd Grades - Exodus & Joshua
    • PreTeen (3rd - 5th) - Teachings of Jesus
    • Teens (start at 6:30 pm) - Life Hacks: A Study Through James
    • Adults - 1 Corinthians: Perfect Unity in Mind and Thought
    • Adults - Bible Discovery (for those with little Bible knowledge, or who want to study the basics)

Breaking Bread

Busy lives need times of spiritual refreshing, especially mid-week. On Wednesday nights during the school year, a simple meal is provided at 6pm so families and individuals can then not worry about fixing dinner and are then able to attend Bible classes at 6:45. Not only are the meals and classes wonderful, the table fellowship is also very meaningful. Small donations are accepted. (Sept-early June).