Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

Care of minor skin discomforts

A dry or irritated scalp, dry and hard cuticles, fissures, insect bites, blemishes and (fire) wounds. They are of those small, but annoying inconveniences with which you do not go to the doctor so quickly, but which you prefer to get rid of as quickly as possible. Bio-Oil is known as a castor oil, an all-rounder. The classic Nestosyl cream is the centipede in itching and irritation due to insect bites, abrasions and abrasions. Nestosyl now introduces three new products for wound care.

The natural healing of a wound

Wound healing is a progressive process in which the damaged tissue is repaired. The healing actually begins immediately after the wound is caused. With the skin wound it is the tissue blood vessels that are damaged. The blood therefore comes into contact with the outside air. The blood then solidifies and forms a crust to cover the wound. Intensive cell multiplication takes place from the marginal area of ​​the wound and the young connective tissue cells completely fill up the wound to replace the lost tissue. From the peripheral area of ​​the wound, fine tissue blood vessels grow in the new connective tissue. Tissue formation takes place under the influence of tissue stimulants. The epithelial tissue then grows over the new connective tissue (granulation tissue). Then the contraction of the wound begins, the wound retraction; the blood vessels disappear for the most part and the tissue shrinks. After this process the wound is healed; the new tissue is the scar tissue.

Beautiful as Mother Nature has arranged all this! But the danger of infection lies in wait, because people, for example, have the habit of wounds with their fingers and before you know it you have a bacterial infection. Mother Nature should therefore be given a helping hand to prevent infection and to promote the healing process; that is possible with a disinfectant cream.

Blemish or Intertrigo

Intertrigo or blemish is a condition where the skin becomes red and flaky. It mainly occurs in body folds, for example in the chest fold of fat women with hanging breasts. It is a fungal disease caused by yeast cells. If the condition is not treated, it only gets worse.


Gorges are places where the skin has been torn. As far as the feet are concerned, there are two types of gaps: the moist gaps between and below the toes and the dry gaps at the heels. The damp gaps are caused by (excessive) perspiration and prolonged stay in water; it is actually a fungus. The dry gorges are caused by a lack of sebum production and too little perspiration. The gaps on hands and fingers are usually caused by the extremely dry skin, especially during the winter. For gorges too, you have to do something about it, because otherwise it will only become more painful.

What are the causes of dry skin during the winter? What are the reasons why dry skin becomes even drier? Can nutritional supplements help against dry skin? What advice can be taken to heart while showering with too dry skin? Why are skin oils so good against dry skin? Which skin oil has the best care and nutrition for dry skin? If a skin is too dry during the cold winter, can a greasy cream help?

Use skin oil

A skin oil must be used sparingly and be well emulsed into the skin. Avoid artificial scented oils: this prevents the skin from breathing and will become drier. Natural skin oils are excellent against dry skin!

What is a good skin oil?

Which oil is good and works well against dry skin? An excellent skin care against dry skin is the use of pure olive oil mixed with some lemon oil.

There are also ready-made skin oils: always choose one that has been prepared with Johannesolie. Johannes oil is an oil that contains very good nutrition against dry skin. Johannes oil contains Lipoids, an excellent food against dry skin!

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