Pimples squeezing, is that good or bad?

There are different opinions about the squeezing of pimples. Some people are afraid that they get more pimples by squeezing, while others find it a nice way to get rid of their acne quickly. Is it good or bad to squeeze out your pimples? What about the bacteria and how can you safely express your pimples?


Pimples can be extremely annoying. Nobody wants to have an important conversation with a pimple in the face and that's why we often choose to squeeze out a pimple. This would help to prevent pustules and at least you will not see such an ugly stain in the face. It seems a quick and good solution, but is that also it? Is it really that safe? Hemorrhoids a Nasty Disease


The squeezing of a pimple is usually only done with pimples with a white point on it. You use your nails to squeeze out the pimple and then you remove the pus and clean everything. It is a quick way to get rid of your pimples. But is that really good? The answer to that question: no. You have a lot of bacteria on your fingers and this can cause considerable inflammation, even if you just washed your hands before. You can also injure your skin extra through your nails.

Eliminate scars and pustules

The chance of permanent scars when you pinch your pimples is quite large. These scars will be permanent. Especially when you pinch your pimples regularly, chances are you will continue to see this. Your skin can therefore look impure. Scars may have left a bit over the years, but chances are that you will continue to see them forever. Fasting diet aimed women

Do you want to squeeze out?

If you still want to squeeze out a pimple, do it in a safe way. Do not squeeze pimples when there is no white dot on it. Also make sure that you wash your face well beforehand and afterwards with a mild soap. Also choose not to squeeze the pimple with your hands. Preferably use cotton buds with antibacterial cream or a needle that is well sterile. Also make sure that you clean the wound well afterwards. A pimple is only really well squeezed when there is no pus, but some blood comes out. When there is still pus in it, the pimple can close again.

More pimples?

There are people who experience that they get more pimples when they squeeze out their pimples. This is quite possible, because your skin can get irritated by the pus from another pimple. This can also happen when you pinch out a pimple and then involuntarily touch your face.

When not squeezing out?

Pay close attention to inflamed pustules and boils. If you suffer from this, you should consult a doctor.

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Prevent the squeezing of pimples

Better is always to prevent you from squeezing your pimples. Wash your face regularly with water and drink plenty of water. Healthy eating and sufficient exercise can also help better skin. Do you still have pimples regularly? Then go to the doctor, so that you can get suitable medication.