Male brain vs female brain

As is well known, there is a big difference between men and women, but these differences go far beyond what can be observed with the naked eye. Scientists have already noticed remarkable differences between the male and female brain in terms of processing, chemistry, structure and activity. Men are usually better able to read map while women are better at multitasking. Of course there are also similarities between the two brains according to the many differences.

Why are we sometimes annoyed at each other?

Over the past decade, scientific research has already discovered that the female and male brains are very similar in many ways. In addition, there are some structural and chemical differences that can be the cause why both sexes sometimes get annoyed. The more knowledge we acquire about how our brains work, the better we will be able to compensate for these differences through understanding and compassion. The investigation into the cause of these annoyances yielded the following facts:

The frontal lobes in females are larger than those in men and are also responsible for the problem-solving capacity.

The almond core that regulates sexual behavior is greater in men than in women.

Female brains contain ten percent more white matter than men. This substance connects the different parts of the brain.

Male brains contain six times more gray matter than female brains. This gray matter is associated with the ability to process information.

Female brains contain more serotonin receptors. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that relates to mood and depression. how to treat warts naturally

These structural and chemical differences are only a small selection of the factors that determine how men and women differ in their actions, behaviors and feelings.

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The male brain

Scientists have discovered that there are differences in the brain size of men and women. In general, the brains of men are slightly larger than those of women. Especially the parietal cortex that plays an important role in the processing of spatial information, and the almond core that regulates sexual and social behavior is clearly greater than in women. This could explain why men can better estimate spatial relationships. They have a tendency to visually manipulate certain things in their brains while women must see these spaces and forms effectively on paper. This is also the reason why there are more male architects and technicians.

The female brain

Brain research in women has shown that the frontal lobes, which are responsible for the problem-solving capacity and decision-making, are greater than in men. This makes women more capable of solving problems or making decisions with the help of the necessary details and facts. In addition, the limbic system, part of the large brain, is larger in women than in men. This part of the brain regulates emotions, motivation and the processing of language, so that women are usually more verbal than men.

The neurons in the female brain are packaged more compactly so that a faster connection can be made. This could explain why women are better able to remember things even though these connections are much more complex than in men. In addition, the female brain also has more white matter which also contributes to these connections and so women are better at multitasking than men. In addition, the female brain also has a larger brain barrier, the connection between the two large brain halves, so that women are usually more proficient and more confident in oral communication. best hair loss treatment

Chemical composition

The biggest difference in chemical composition between male and female brains is the level of serotonin. The female brain secretes much more serotonin than its male variant, which makes men usually more impulsive than women. Also, the oxytocin level is higher in women, which makes them respond more emotionally and empathically to the accident and pain of others.

Furthermore, there are also hormonal differences between the brains of men and women. Female brains contain more estrogen and progesterone, which makes them more value for a stable, intimate relationship. The brains of men, on the other hand, contain more testosterone which explains a higher libido and more aggressive nature.


In general terms, it is a good thing that the female and male brain has a different structure and function. Because of this they compliment each other perfectly and are also much more productive. If everyone had the same brain, few innovative ideas would arise and we would never have gotten so far in life.

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