The Netrunner Reboot Project

Old Favorites, New Insights

The Netrunner Reboot Project

This is a reboot of the Netrunner card-pool from the original Core Set through Data and Destiny. 

We have rebalanced a large number of cards, using a modern understanding of the game and the power of hindsight to create a version of Netrunner that is in the greatest form that could have been.

You can explore all of the changes and read some FAQ on the Master Spreadsheet.

You can explore the card-pool, look up individual cards, and browse published decks on our NetrunnerDB Mirror Site.

You can play games with the Reboot card-pool on

If you want to play with physical cards, use this site to generate proxies from a decklist.

To discuss the project, find games, or participate in events, join our discord server

The Netrunner Reboot Project is in no way associated with NISEI/NSG.

4 Ways to Play

There are 4 main ways that people play games using the Reboot card-pool.

Faction Previews

Click on a Faction to get a quick peek at some of the changes