Who Am I?

  • A Naturopathic Doctor. (What is that officially?)
  • I am a doctor who finds alternatives to drugs or surgery.
  • I believe the body can heal itself if given the proper support.
  • Support must be individualized with you as my partner in decisions.
  • It may include lifestyle changes, nutrition, body mechanics, and botanicals.
  • If it will affect treatment, I order both standard and specialized lab work.
  • Occasionally, I also prescribe pharmaceuticals, but they are rarely necessary.
  • I am also a researcher looking for the answers to what causes illness and helps rebuild health.

Some of you might be looking for my medical pedigree. I have it up at Amazon, along with my books. Here it is:

Dr. Christopher Maloney graduated from Swarthmore College with a B.A., Harvard University Extension with a premedical diploma, and received his doctorate as an N.D. at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. After a decade of family practice, he was diagnosed with colon cancer and cut back on his office hours to dedicate himself to writing books on orphaned diseases. He partners with patients to find their way out of complex illness patterns to health using alternative and conventional medicine as the spice to a complete diet and lifestyle plan.

Want more about me? Here's eight minutes of me explaining why I became an N.D., how I work, and what excites me about the profession. Other than more grey hair and a better sense of my own mortality, it's still true.